Popular Posts of 2015

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It’s always interesting to look back at a year on the blog to see what you find interesting. The easiest way to do this is to look at the most popular posts from the year. I’m splitting things out into two lists, one showing the most viewed posts overall and one showing the most viewed posts written in 2015. Let’s see how they compare.

Most popular posts in 2015

Three out of the top five most viewed posts on this blog in the past year are more than two years old. This tells me a few things. Firstly, I’m writing about topics that have staying power. Secondly, that I still have an audience of librarians (which I never doubted). Although the focus of the blog has shifted, along with my work, I’m still connected with my former colleagues and wider network. And it looks like you’re still interested in what I had to say previously on my work in libraries.

Most popular posts written in 2015

I’m encouraged to see here the range of topics covered in these top five posts. There’s a nod to my daily work as a web editor, with posts on training and usability testing. I’m pleased to see my advice to first time bloggers up there too. And there’s also an indication that you’re looking for ways to work smarter and keep on top of things through my productivity tips.

Writing plans

Looking back at what has been popular over the past year is a great way to make an editorial plan for the blog for the year ahead. From these lists I’ve got a good idea of the things you’re interested in and that will direct (in part) what I write about in the future.

If you’ve got other ideas for what you’d like to see my write about, why not get in touch in the comments.