A year in the world of web content

In January I will have been in my role as Web Content Officer for a year. As I head into my last few working days of 2014, here’s a reflection on my first year in the world of web content.


I’ve enjoyed getting stuck into content standards and style guides. This includes:

  • contributing to our editorial style guides with the aim of making them clearer and more comprehensive
  • working on a tone of voice guide for our new postgraduate website
  • setting parameters for improving content for mobile (which we all know is improving content for every device)

The piece of work I’m most proud of this year is overhauling our team website. Is it always the case that the web team has the worst website? Not any more. We’re now practicing what we preach; we’ve restructured, stripped back and rewritten. Part of this work involved redefining the role of our team and how we work. For this I got to embrace my inner-trainer. I facilitated a workshop in which we came up with the team’s mission and a set of guiding principles.


Starting out in a new profession I have been slowly getting to grips with the overall context of working on the web. My work is largely with words, I’m not a techy but I need to understand the technologies that allow me to get my words online. With every new task I do, I learn a little more. One year in I think I’ve got a good enough understanding of the systems and setups at my institution.

There is a thriving community of librarians and I had a well established network that I could go to for support and advice. Coming from this, I have struggled a little to find and build a place for myself in content communities. There are many reasons for this. The ones that I have control over will form my professional new year’s resolutions. A lack of confidence has held me back this year and I’ve not been putting myself out there. Next year I need to write more, comment more, share more and start the conversation.


This year I attended my first conference outside the UK, Confab Europe in Barcelona. It was also my first content strategy conference. And it was probably the best conference I’ve ever been to. All the presentations were practical and well structured. The speakers were engaging and clear. You’d expect nothing less from people who communicate for a living, right?

Closer to home I attended the University’s NU Digital event where our team had a stand. It was great to get out of the office and talk to colleagues about what we’re planning for the website in the coming year. Everyone was excited to see our new, responsive postgraduate website in action. And even more excited to hear that all our external sites will be going through a similar redesign process soon.

And finally…

From the posts I’ve written this year here are your top five: