Testing responsive layouts

At the start of the new year I began a new job on the Corporate Web Team at Newcastle University (more on this later, maybe). My first piece of work was to identify best practice for writing for mobile then look at the undergraduate prospectus and make recommendations for how the copy could be improved in line with this. I had a test site created which had our existing responsive template applied to it. Here I began rewriting the content on a couple of course sites.

As I progressed I wanted to test how the reworked pages would look on different devices. Rather than keep getting my phone and tablet out to check I found a couple of really useful tools which saved me a lot of time and effort. These also proved helpful for showing my progress to colleagues and clients.

1. Matt Kersley’s Responsive Design Testing Tool

This great site allows you to view different device sizes in your browser window:

Matt Kersley's Responsive Design Testing Tool

2. Responsive Web Design Tester (Chrome Extension)

This tool allows you to select a specific device to test and opens up a new browser window that has been resized to the dimensions of your chosen device:

Responsive Web Design Tester