#jiscel12 Activity Week

This is the second of three posts about the JISC Innovating eLearning conference. The first post is on the practicalities of attending an online conference. The final post is on the sessions I attended in the main conference week.

Rob Englebright’s session “The history of learning technology in 100 objects” was a great way to kick things off. It provided a good background for the learning technology novice. There is a collaborative timeline, where you can find out more about some featured objects, and add your own. I think TimelineJS, the tool used to make the timeline itself should be an addition. I can’t wait for an excuse to try it out.

Next up for me was “Desperately seeking students”, a session on JISC’s Course Data programme. I like the concept of this programme, even if the technology does go over my head. The aim is to produce a common format (XCRI-CAP) for course data which will feed into products that allows prospective students to easily identify and compare online courses.

The last session I attended in activity week, “Digital Bloom”, was out of sheer curiosity. It was about the Digital Futures in Teacher Education project which is working on two big areas of interest for me: digital literacies and open educational resources. What really grabbed my attention though were the two project outputs, an open textbook and the Digital Bloom installation. The installation itself is a really good narrative for the project. Each flower in the meadow tells a different story. We created a meadow ourselves in the session and they have been used in some of the project case studies, for example with Mundella Primary School.

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