Learning and teaching: creativity vs consumption

Earlier today whilst catching up on reading I came across this video that I had sent to Pocket ages ago. It is from the TEDx event held at York University (the Canadian one) in May and looks at the idea of creativity vs consumption in teaching and learning:

The speaker, Kate Hudson, says that the attitude that education is about consumption is both a cultural problem and a design problem. What I am most interested in at the moment is the design aspect, which ties in nicely with the Human Computer Interaction course I have been following. With the Shakespeare example given in the video, what we’re looking at is repackaging the original work, or teaching content, to make it accessible to the learner, and therefore more understandable. I’m really interested in the possibilities of Popcorn Maker, that is used here to remix Shakespeare. I’ll definitely be testing it out in the near future.

Coincidentally, an update to this tool was announced this morning at Mozilla Festival. Here are some tweets that nicely summarise what Popcorn Maker can do:

At the end of the talk we’re left with something to think about when we’re designing technology to embed in the classroom:

What kind of education do I really want?