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Over the summer I wrote a post about ideas for library inductions following a very successful workshop on the topic. It has become the most visited post on this blog and so, now that induction season is upon us, I thought I’d write a follow-up about what we’re doing at Warwick.

Library orientation has always been a library-wide project with staff from all teams getting involved in the delivery. The overall organisation however has been overseen by staff from the Enquiry Support Team. This year things have been different, an Induction Planning Group was formed to gain input from across the Library in the development of a new programme. The group, which I chair, has over the past few months revamped our central library orientation and created Get Started.

Get Started has two parts:

  1. A website
  2. Orientation tours

The website provides answers to some frequently asked questions from new students. The questions are divided into three categories: how do I, where can I and who do I ask. The site combines video tutorials and text.

Get Started signpostThe orientation tours are running four times a day for the first three weeks of term. We have around 40 library staff who have volunteered as tour guides and members of the Induction Planning Group have taken responsibility for different areas of the day-to-day running.

The tours take in 8 stations on the first two floors of the library and show the whole process of how to find, borrow and return a book.

One of the best aspects of Get Started is the branding. We are using a signpost with pointers for each of the three categories of question. Each category is colour coded so everything we create for each can be tied together visually. We’ve got flyers and bugs and a proper signpost on Floor 1 which is where the tours start.

In addition to Get Started the Academic Support Librarians also deliver tailored induction sessions within the academic departments.

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