Reading round-up: June

June has been a month of heavy reading. There have been so many links that I could have shared below. In an effort to keep the list relatively short (and therefore manageable) I’ve narrowed down to what I consider the most interesting. For any of you with extra reading time on your hands you can take on Kathryn Greenhill’s challenge of the 100 articles every librarian should read.

Don Norman and Jakob Nielsen – Gestural interfaces: a step backwards in usability

Richard Nurse (libwebrarian) – Discovery Solutions Thoughts on Content

Maria Popover (BrainPicker) – 7 Must-Read Books on the Future of the Internet

Davenport Ursillo – How to Lead Without Followers

Future of libraries/librarians
Save NYC Libraries – The Library is Dead, Long Live the Libary

Alexis Madrigal (The Atlantic) – What Big Media Can Learn From the New York Public Library

Steve Petersen (The Bivings Report) – Librarians offer plenty in a social media world

Derek Rodrigeuz – Understanding library impacts on student learning

Heather Braum (Librarian in the Cloud) – The Future of Education

Sarah Kessler (Mashable) – 5 innovative ways to teach online

Digital scholarship
A. Dias de Figueiredo (ED MEDIA 2011) – ED MEDIA Keynote Debate: Digital Scholarship

Matthew Reisz (THE) – Title Fights

Further reading
Kathryn Greenhill – 100 articles every librarian should read