For thing 2 I looked at a handful of blogs from the list of participants on Delicious. How did I choose which blogs from the many to go to? Well, it’s all in the name for me. I did however try not to go to too many UK blogs, as I see the global reach of this programme a great benefit. I also tried not to pick too many academic librarians.

Of the 20 or so blogs I looked at I commented on four and I will be subscribing to their RSS feeds to follow their progress through the programme. They are:

And finally, I will leave you with a picture that sums up exactly how I feel about comments:

7 thoughts on “Commentable

  1. Thanks for visiting and commenting! I totally agree with your picture. I’ve been easily surpassing the one comment a day goal because it’s actually pretty fun to comment once you get started!

  2. Thanks for all your comments. My day was made five times over.

    I’m also pleased to see just what the selection of a good image can do for a blog post.

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