Ding ding, round 3

Over the next few months I will be participating in the CPD23 programme, 23 Things for Professional Development. Whilst the tasks that I complete as part of this will form the bulk of content on this blog over the summer I will also try to post additional stuff too. I did consider setting up a separate blog but as I use this blog as a reflection tool for my CPD already it seemed foolish to separate the two.

This is the third time I will be taking part in a 23 things programme, but this time there are some key differences…

3 WCAP boxers medal at U.S. National Cha by familymwr, on Flickr
Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License by  familymwr

Firstly, I am in no way involved in running it. Which is great! My two previous experiences of the programme have been as a member of the team delivering the programme so I’m really looking forward to taking part solely as a participant.

Secondly, the content and themes covered in this programme have a different focus. Both Ox23 and UoW23 were about introducing the participants to social media sites, showing their relevance to libraries and how they can be used by librarians. While CPD23 covers some of those topics, blogging and current awareness for example, it goes broader than that. It also looks at creating a personal brand, networking offline (as well as on), opportunities for training, and advocacy.

So that’s me and thing 1 done.