Reading round-up: May

I’ve been using Read It Later as a tool for some time to mark blog posts and articles that I want to come back to in order to read them properly, rather than just scanning. In the past few weeks I have become woefully behind (my list extends to 7 pages!) and so I’m spending some time this evening catching up.

Quite a few blogs I read have weekly reading round-ups where the authors share a selection of the stuff they have been reading. I kind of like this method as a way of mopping up things I might have missed on Twitter or RSS. So here’s a little list for you of the things I’ve been reading over the past few weeks (and catching up on this evening):

Higher Education

Deloitte – Making the Grade 2011: a study of the top 10 issues facing higher education

Martin Paul Eve – Guarding your academic ideas

Information managment

Brian Croxall (ProfHacker) – Zotero vs. EndNote

The Internet and social media

Amit Agarwal (Digital Inspiration) – How people share content online and with whom

Brian Herzog (Swiss Army Librarian) – Being personal and professional on Twitter

Sarah Kessler (Mashable) – How to: Talk to children about online safety


Seth Godin – The future of the library

Bohyun Kim (Library Hat) – Tech skills for new librarians & me


Courtney (BoostBlog) – Trialling an Agile to-do list