Connecting the dots

Today’s post is about an experiment I am currently undertaking to collate all of my shared items in one place. I share things I find interesting online in a number of ways, through Twitter, Google Reader, Delicious, this blog… and there may well be more that I can’t remember off the top of my head. So how do I keep track of all of these links I’m sharing?

Up until now I have tried to do this through Twitter. I used TwitterFeed to post updates from my Google Reader Shared Items, Delicious and this blog. But that system wasn’t quite working for me. TwitterFeed was too often unreliable, especially with updates from my blog and what was happening to all of those links I was sharing directly on Twitter? Well, they were getting caught by Tweet Backup which I use to archive my tweets but that’s not a really useful tool for finding things quickly and easily. So something had to change.

The first thing I changed was the way I send updates of new blog posts to Twitter. I’ve recently started using the WordPress plugin Twitoaster. It is exceptionally good. Not only does it post to Twitter instantaneously, it also records as comments on the post any discussion on Twitter that includes the link it has posted.

The second change I made was to stop posting updates from Delicious and Google Reader to Twitter. Instead, I am sending things the other way using a service called Packrati. This identifies any tweet I post that contains a link and bookmarks it in my Delicious account. At the moment I have it set up to bookmark every link I share on Twitter, but it is possible to restrict it to bookmark only those tweets that contain a specified hashtag.

And finally, I have set up a blog with Tumblr to aggregate all of these sharing sites, this I am calling ekcragg’s notepad. At the moment it is pulling in the feeds from my Delicious account and Google Reader Shared Items. As a result of the second stage of this process I am also therefore collecting all the links I am sharing on Twitter. I have set this up primarily for my own devices, to make it easy for me to see everything I have shared online.

As I said at the beginning of this post it is an experiment, I’m going to give it a try for a few months and see how useful I find it. I’m not at all sure how it will work but I do know that at the moment I feel a great peace of mind knowing that I’m capturing everything in one place. This makes me happy.

2 thoughts on “Connecting the dots

  1. Thanks for sharing your experimentation process. I’ve been thinking about this too, though I’m a bit behind you! I have finally set up a way to share my Google Reader items on Twitter without having to manually do it – I’m using Reader2Twitter for now I’ve also starting using Twitoaster as an experiment too, my old WordPress plugin seemed to be less reliable.

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