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I have 43 subscriptions in my “Information + Libraries” folder in GoogleReader. Over the past few weeks I have been thinking about dropping a few as I am finding that more and more the unread items are building up. I’m sure I can cut it down simply by taking out a few that are no longer being updated but that doesn’t sort out the mountain of unread items. So the actual number of subscriptions doesn’t matter it’s the frequency at which they are updated. Should I then just drop the prolific authors? Surely not if the content they’re posting is relevant and interesting. It’s clear I’m going to have to find some other way of identifying which feeds to keep.

There are two ways I could approach this

  1. I could create a wonderful algorithm that takes into account the frequency of posts, their relevance, how often I skip over them, link through to them, mark them as favourites or to read later.
  2. I could get drastic and say if I were forced at gunpoint to choose just ten, which would I keep?

You’ve guessed it, I’m going for the latter. These blogs made the list because they are consistently entertaining, informative and inspiring. Without further ado here they are:

  • In the Library with the Lead Pipe – a group blog discussing issues that impact academic, public and school libraries.
  • Info-mational – written by Char Booth, E-Learning Librarian at UC Berkeley.
  • Information Tyrannosaur – written by Andy Burkhardt, Emerging Technologies Librarian at Champlain College.
  • Joeyanne Libraryanne – written by Jo Alcock, Resources Librarian at the University of Wolverhampton and current ILS student.
  • Librarian by Day – written by Bobbi Newman, transliteracy guru.
  • Librarians on the Loose – written by Emma Illingworth and Sarah Ison, librarians at the University of Brighton.
  • Library Bazaar – written by Fiacre O€™Duinn, a librarian in Hamilton, Ontario.
  • Libreaction – written by Andy Priestner, Head Librarian at Judge Business School.
  • Organising Chaos – written by Laura, aka Woodsiegirl, law librarian and current ILS student.
  • Swiss Army Librarian – written by Brian Herzog, a reference librarian at Chelmsford Public Library, Chelmsford MA.

9 thoughts on “Top 10 Library Related Blogs

  1. Wow, thanks! Dead chuffed to have made your list – nice to know at least some of my witterings are of interest to others!

    I should probably do something similar with my own feeds – my RSS reader is full to bursting right now… I’m terrible at making decisions like that though! Ah well, there’s a couple of blogs on your list that I haven’t come across before, so looks like my RSS reader is going to get even more full… 🙂

  2. wow thank you for including me on your top 10 list. I’m humbled. I don’t know that I’m a guru at anything but I’ll to my best to live up to it! 🙂

  3. Just realised I didn’t post my comment to this! I’m honoured to be included in your list, like Woodsiegirl said it is really nice to know what you writing is of interest to other people. I initially only really used my blog as a personal tool and it’s great to become part of a community now library blogging is becoming more popular in the UK.

    Re: your RSS feeds, did you get rid of some? I think I’m in need of a weed again, I currently have 198 feeds in my “library blogs” folder, some of which may now be unused. I had a clear out around this time last year, using Google Trends in Google Reader; I blogged about it if you’re interested, really useful tool.

  4. woop woop!!thank you, honoured to have made the list. I was also thinking today a cull of the old feed reader is needed…. job for a rainy/snowy day…

  5. Aces and wowsers! Like Jo, Sarah and I decided to blog it up to keep track of what we’re doing and why we’re doing it etc. I’m really glad to be part of this though and I find other blogs useful and interesting for my work and just to see what’s going on out there.

    So far I’ve managed to keep on top of my RSS feeds in Google reader, but I’m not subscribed to nearly as many as Jo! Good suggestion for having a clear out Jo.

    Thanks again for the mention though, very encouraging.

  6. Emma & Sarah – you’re welcome. I think what I really value from reading blogs like yours, Jo’s and Laura’s is an insight into the perspectives of other librarians at similar stages of their careers as me.

    Brian – no problem and thanks for sharing your feeds with us. I am inspired now to spend some serious time on culling and orgnising mine this evening. I fear however, that looking at yours I may find many more I want to subscrive to!

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